I graduated from Texas A&M in 1978 and while I was a student here, I fell in love with this community.  I knew that I would come back here to live, I just didn't quite know how or when.  In late 1979, I found my way back to Aggieland to live.  In 1981, I married a San Antonio girl, Lisa Miller Aldrich and we decided that this would be our home.  We planted roots here and  lived the American dream as a young couple together in a truly dynamic community.  Not nearly as many people lived in Brazos County then but it was the best place we could imagine to build our businesses, raise two boys and enjoy the good life.   It has been outstanding to have lived here for 35 years!

Lisa and I both believe that our lives are enhanced by involvement in our community and we have been active and engaged in community work.  Back in those early days, I built my business in investment management and Lisa was a successful realtor.   We were active members of the Bryan / College Station Chamber of Commerce where we served as Blazers. (the precursor to the Ambassadors)  Lisa and I both became Life Members of the Chamber as a recognition for our success at recruiting new Chamber members.  I was Blazer President , member of the Charter Class of Leadership Brazos '83-'84, chaired the Chamber Health Services Committee, served on the Chamber Board of Directors and was recognized as Chamber "Volunteer of the Year"

When we adopted our two sons Miller and Carson, the dynamic of being parents shifted our focus.  The boys' sports, Scouting, church and education took over our perspective on life and its joys.  We both had the thrill of being  actively engaged in their lives as they grew.  From the Brazos Valley Youth Soccer League, College Station Little League, Cub Scout Pack 802, Boy Scout Troop 802, First Baptist Church College Station, College Hills Elementary, Oakwood Intermediate, AMCMS, to A&M Consolidated HS, we enjoyed being involved in their lives and meeting many wonderful people in our community.  I was elected to CSISD's School Board as a Trustee in 1996 and served four consecutive terms until 2008.  Through the experience of being on CSISD's Board, I learned how to be an effective steward of public funds and how to work together with our community and State Legislature to preserve and improve our outstanding school district.  Public education is a vital investment in our community's future and an essential asset for our community's growth.  I learned that our teachers, administrators and staff have a heart and passion for what they do for all of us.  My appreciation for them and what they do cannot be adequately expressed. 

When the boys went away to college, Lisa and I rediscovered our life together from the before children days and became once again more active in our community.  In 2013 I was elected to College Station's City Council and will finish my first term in 2016.  We live in a thriving, growing city that has met the challenges growth brings in a fiscally prudent way.  I have learned much more about our community as a result of serving on City Council and look forward to fulfilling my responsibility to the citizens of College Station this year.  We have a tremendous city staff that has the same passion for what they do as our educators.   They all care deeply about our quality of life and are diligent in preserving and improving it.

I am now seeking to serve our community in a new capacity as Brazos County Commissioner.  It is my desire to use my experience in local government and apply it in a new but similar way.  I want to help all of us continue to prosper and enjoy the great life we experience here in Brazos County.   The rapid growth we are experiencing brings new challenges.  I believe they are the inevitable challenges of a great and growing community and that they will continue as we grow.   I also believe that together we can address and overcome those challenges.  I need you to talk to me about your concerns and work with me so that we can meet and exceed our community's challenges. 


Steve Aldrich for Brazos County Commissioner Precinct 1      Republican Party

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